How To Draw A Cake

Draw one large oval circle that is shaped like a giant ostrich egg. Basic cake slice shape.

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This is the basic shape of the cake.

How to draw a cake. Now fill the colours and make merry. Using the horizontal guidelines draw the lining for the dripping frosting line on each cake tier. Draw two medium ellipses below the small ones.

The stems curve more than the wicks. Simple instructions on how to draw a birthday cake for kids. Add a of couple cherries to the dish.

Start at the bottom and work your way up. Drawing a line just below the top of the cake makes it look like there is. Connect the two lines with a curved line.

Each layer is smaller than the other so keep. Little piping details are a simple and very cute way to dress. How to draw a kawaii cute cake slice 1.

Connect them by drawing straight line on right and left side of the ellipses. Draw raindrop shapes for the candle light and for a big scoop of whipped cream. Erase any stray lines trace your amazing cake with a heavy black line and color it.

How to draw a cartoon cake step 1. Now this is the part where you start sketching out the decorative icing around the rim. Now the crucial part.

Make sure that they are close enough from each other. So what you will do next is draw the bottom line. A good and.

This is what your. And two big ellipses at the bottom. Also check out how to draw a pizza.

Leave space above and below your ellipse since this will serve as the top of your cake and you dont want to run out of room for the strawberries or the bottom layersstep 2 add a line under each side of the ellipse. Draw curvy lines on each pair of ellipses like you would decorate a cake. Draw a large oval at the bottom of the birthday cake for the dish.

So far pretty simple right. 4 steps to draw a cake. Continue up the cake and draw two more of those shapes.

You will be drawing a three tier cake. It can be tall or short as you want or even shaped differently than seen here but remember to keep all your details in proportionstep 3 draw a curved line. Now join all oval shapes together to create the body of our cake.

The key to drawing is starting with the large simple shapes. Okay this is a very very simple tutorial. How to draw a simple birthday cake step 1.

Draw two small ellipses. First draw two oval shapes. Follow along and draw a cute birthday cake.

Now draw the guidelines on the cake tiers as you see here. Adding all two stages remaining on top of the cake. Step 1 draw an ellipse a flat circle.

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