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What is LookAtMe?

'L.ookat.Me' is a neat web widget which allows you to create your own meaningful Keywords and link them to interesting web pages or directly to media files.

The web is a great place to find stuff - but typically the http links to the site content you want are so long that it can be hard to remember what to type in next time you need it - and to pass it around to friends or colleagues you end up sending the link as part of an email - when they can simply 'click' to see the information you chose. Now you can replace those long gobbledygook page links with easy to remember Keywords so people can find the web content you choose without them getting lost in cyberspace or waiting for a large web site to load lots of adverts they don't want to see.

It is simple to use, create your Keyword, paste in your target link, then promote your Keyword & its associated Badge where ever you wish, for example in FaceBook pages, or in advertising, magazines, on bill boards or even text messages.

You can be confident that everyone will be able to recall your Keyword - simply because the 'L.ookat.me' calling prefix is so easy to remember.

There is no need for the 'http://www' prefix, people can just type 'L.ookat.me/Your Keyword' into their browser bar, which loads your link instantly - give it a try copy "L.ookat.me/AVATAR" into your browser now.

It's completely free for personal use, and so easy to use - people with an I-Phone can also use our dedicated App, or a mobile phone with WAP can get fast results using www.lookatme.co

You can copy a click-able button or 'Badge' into your Emails directly from the control panel - or even send it to mobiles, now every one can easily link to your content with one simple click, try this one:

l.ookat.me/top links