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Using Keywords

Here you can see the many ways Keywords can be distributed to ensure that they are easily accessed by everyone.

You can distribute a clickable keyword Icon (easily copied from the control panel) as in this example below:

Exaple of lookatme Icon - paste it any where in your Emails, or even make it part of every footer using OutLook options.

In printed media promote this format "Lookatme.co/keyword" for people to type into the browser bar (there is no need to type the 'http://' prefix, it can be omitted, but it is safer to include these characters)

For mobile users, they can use the www.lookatme.co web page which is WAP enabled to enter keywords.

For I-phone users, then they can down load our free dedicated App ("eyesee"), which simplifies keyword entry and ensures linked video files play properly.

Keywords can also be invoked directly from the control panel www.ookat.me - when the keyword can be typed in top right, and of course users can also type "l.ookat.me/keyword"

We can even provide a personalised web page for mobiles, for example we can use your company name as a prefix (like http://REED.lookatme.co) which delivers a bespoke look and feel for your clients.

Each method has it's own benefits, you choose which style is most suitable for your users.