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How it works...

L.ookat.me is really easy to use, it works because the internet has a feature that allows a web address to be 're-directed', that is if a link is clicked by a browser, then the server can easily re-direct the enquiry to go onto a different web link (or URL as it is called). So all we do is store the destination link that you want to use behind your keyword, and then every time some one types in "L.ookat.Me/your_keyword" we simply substitute the destination link you have given us and the page displayed is the one you have chosen for them to see.

Because browsers now insert the "http://" prefix automatically, this does not need to be typed in, just give people the 'l.ookat.me/your_keyword' information to allow them to find the page you are promoting.

To use the LookatMe web site you use the normal domain name format (http://www.ookat.me) but when promoting your link - just present the redirection call route with the "L" prefix, so "L.ookat.me/key_word"

Because the L.ookat.me prefix is easy to remember, then people only actually need to recall your keyword to be able to find your content.

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