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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens when I register my keyword?

A: when you register your keyword, we will send you an email, with a confirmation link, simply click this link and your entry will become active.

Q: Is my personal keyword free forever?

A: Yes, we will send you a 'keep it active' email every month, all you need to do is click this link every month - and the keyword will be retained for your own use

Q: What happens if I forget to renew my keyword?

A: If you forget to keep your keyword active, we will retain it for you for 30 days, if you do not activate your link during that time then the keyword will become free for use by some one else.

Q: Why use LookatMe?

A: So that you can promote an easy to remember keyword on Bill boards, in Magazine Adverts, on TV or Radio, or indeed any medium where people need only recall a short piece of text

Q: What happens when I register?

A: when you have registered your account, we will send you an email, with a confirmation link, simply click this link and your Account will become active.

Q: Do I pay for an Account?

A: No. Your account is permanent, you only pay for any Keywords you purchase, these will be retained for your own use, for as long as you continue to renew them when they become due.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Each Keyword you create will be instantly active, if you decide not to continue with the renewal fee, then the keyword will become free for use by some one else.

Q: What is Lookatme ?

A: Lookatme is a neat link re-direction service for shortening existing URL's - or universal resource links

Q: How do I use LookatMe?

A: to shorten a url just create a keyword and then use the control panel to point to the destination url that you want it to go to (using cut/paste)

Q: What is the benefit to me?

A: Using this url shorten method you can provide a simple to use keyword link which will convert a long complex domain address into an easily found web page

Q: Do I have to link to a Web Page?

A: keywords can also link directly to web content - so individual video or audio files can be directly invoked from a keyword

Q: Why would people want to use Keywords?

A: easy to remember meaningful keywords can be used to replace long domain names that people find hard to recall

Q: Why not let people use Search Engines?

A: you can use keywords to connect to 'deep links' these can be media files many levels down in a web site on a web page that no one ever visits

Q: Can I use them personally?

A: anyone can use a keyword for example - use your name as an easy to recall link to focussed content - such as a CV, if required a password can be inserted

Q: How would I use Keywords in Marketing?

A: a business can use keywords as short term promo or promotional codes which can be connected to web content backing a marketing campaign

Q: Is the destination ULR fixed?

A: using the site control panel the keyword destination url can be changed as often as required allowing the same keywords to be utilised over and over again

Q: Do Keywords need to be issued every time?

A: once a keyword is distributed to a client list then these can be kept in use by changing the destination url on a regular basis - weekly for example

Q: What other methods exist to distribute Keywords?

A: keywords can be invoked using the dedicated 'lookatme' i-phone application or App which invokes web content directly via the look at me service

Q: What about click-able Icons?

A: using the control panel it is easy to copy the auto generated keyword icon (or click-able badge) which can then be used to invoke the required web content

Q: How can I distribute click-able badges?

A: click-able icons or badges can be distributed either in emails or by use of the MMS text messaging service delivering focussed content to mobiles

Q: What is a phonetic bar code?

A: keywords can also be a phonetic bar code - a six character set of letters which form a dual or two-part sound

Q: What can a phonetic bar code be used for?

A: phonetic bar codes can be used as a reference to connect to any web content

Q: How are phonetic bar codes invoked?

A: phonetic bar codes can be typed into a browser just like a keyword, or via the i-phone app or even spoken into a voice converter

Q: What is the benefit of a bar code being phonetic?

A: it is possible to convert a phonetic bar code from voice and return a web based media file directly to the mobile phone - no typing required

Q: Is the I-Phone App charged for?

A: the i-phone app is free to download and use

Q: Are keywords free to use?

A: a free keyword can be created & managed for each account - further keywords can be purchased as required

Q: Can icons be used in marketing?

A: keywords and their associated icons or badges are ideal for marketing campaigns

Q: How can promo icons be distributed to mobile users?

A: promo icons can be distributed using MMS or text messages to mobile phones to immediately invoke media content with a single click

Q: What format of domain link is usd to invoke Keywords?

A: the look at me service is invoked using the domain names l.ookat.me or www.ookat.me or www.lookatme.co

Q: Is the Keyword linked using Hyphens?

A: there is no need to inset hyphens into the various look at me formats these formats are not valid: look-at-me or look at-me or look-at me

Q: Do I need to present the HTTP prefix when invoking Keywords?

A: the presentation of the prefix http:// is not required as the browser inserts this automatically for the end user

Q: Do I need to present the WWW prefix when invoking Keywords?

A: the insertion of the www (world wide web) prefix is no longer required as this is added automatically by the browsers for end users, it must be omitted when using the format l.ookat.me/keyword

Q: How are Keywords invoked?

A: to invoke a keyword all that is required is for the l.ookat.me web site name to be typed into the browser bar with the required keyword added on the end after a forward slash

Q: So what should end users type into their Browser bar?

A: the format for invoking keywords is l.ookat.me/keyword or lookatme.co/keyword

Q: What comprises a Keyword?

A: a keyword can be any string of text or mixed numeric characters that can even include spaces - you decide what this will be - something that is English in its use rather than long domain links

Q: Why are Keywords better than domain names?

A: a keyword is some thing that makes sense that people will understand about your own business and is English like and not computer-ease or gobbledygook in format

Q: Can I use Keywords from a mobile phone?

A: the www.lookatme.co web site is WAP enabled and so is designed to appear and work properly on mobile phones

Q: Why have a dedicated WAP format web site for invoking Keywords?

A: using the WAP version of the Lookatme interface for mobile phone users is fast to load and ensures they are easily able to invoke keywords

Q: Can I have a mobile portal page for my company?

A: the WAP web portal is also designed to be bespoke if required for any particular client - that is presented to your clients as your own channel

Q: What is a hot icon?

A: hot icons are a lookatme picture or html object that can be sent as a click-able invitation button for end users - who are then able to invoke the web content you want them to go to directly with one single click

Q: What are the benefits of hot icons?

A: hot icon links are active buttons which when clicked invoke a url that calls for a specific web page or direct media content, they are fast and easily invoked

Q: Why use a hot icon?

A: hot icons are designed to increase the likely hood that the recipient will click the keyword link and consequently be directed to and connected with the media content you intended

Q: Why are hot icons different from micro web sites?

A: click-able hot icons or active badges are the ideal method for delivering immediate, focussed media content (video or audio) directly to end users or clients who need to see information fast on their mobile phones

Q: How can I use this service to my benefit?

A: fast linking directly to web stored audio or video media content or focussed web pages is now easily achieved using either keywords typed directly into our WAP site or via hot icons delivered directly as SMS messages

Q: Are all Mobile devices covered?

A: using SMS delivery services active hot icons can be delivered to your users in seconds ensuring they can see your desired web content on their i-phone , blackberry or android mobile phone

Q: Why use the Lookatme service for Mobile phones?

A: the lookatme.co WAP enabled gateway web site is specifically designed to be fast on the i-phone, blackberry and android mobile phones providing for the direct input of keywords using the keypad returning your web content in seconds

Q: Can I use hot icons for viral promotions?

A: due to the ease of end user distribution using SMS text messaging viral marketing methods are well suited to using hot icons which link directly to the media content that you intend your audience to see - video or audio files work particularly well and no web page is required, they also work well when pasted into the body of an email

Q: What is the benefit of not using micro web sites?

A: by using hot icons there is no need to develop expensive web sites to deliver or distribute your message to the focus market place chosen, keywords can be linked directly to low level media content which runs immediately

Q: How quickly can I create a viral marketing campaign?

A: fast set up and delivery of content can be achieved in hours rather than weeks as there is no need to provide a web site or dedicated web page for the delivery of audio or video files directly to end users or clients

Q: Can I us hot icons in my email marketing campaigns?

A: hot icons work very well in an email campaign, they are simply cut and pasted into the body of an html email directly from the control panel, they are small and fast to distribute and invite recipients to click to see what is behind the button