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One keyword. One link. One million uses.

Lookatme is the fastest and smartest way to link to the web.

Lookatme lets you create a distinctive, personalised Keyword combined with a versatile icon that you can use again and again - on FaceBook, in advertising, magazines, on bill boards, even text messages.

Lookatme lets you create a memorable, personalised link to your blog, your website, your video, your audio files...the possibilities are endless.

Unlike other URL shortening services, Lookatme creates Keyword links that are memorable for people but which also work with mobile technology.

How it works:

Choose your memorable LookatMe Keyword, then connect it to to your link and a clickable icon is instantly available with all kinds of uses, for business or just for fun! That's it!

Lookatme is easy to use and easy to remember. You can re-use the same keyword to link to different content anytime! There's no need to type in the 'http://www' prefix, people can just type 'L.ookat.me/Your Keyword' into their browser. You can even add a password so only selected users can view the information.

LookatMe is free for personal use - get your keyword and personalised Badge now!

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